Although I usually fall into the autumn mindset way later then most, when I do finally get past my denial that summer is over, I LOVE beginning to dress for the colder months. October is the best month to experiment with different colours, prints, and textures I don’t normally wear. 

Layers are my best friend around this season because it’s not uncommon to have freezing temperatures in the morning that change into sunny and mild for the afternoon. 

A good way to phase out more summery pieces such as light wash or ripped denim, is to pair them with bulkier items such as heavy sweaters or boots as pictured below. 

Speaking honestly, I never used to like leopard. In the past, I always saw it printed on thin synthetic fabrics and by association it cheapened the look for me. This season I found this great trench from Cupcakes and Cashmere that totally changed my mind. I paired this look with a minimalistic all black combo so the leopard could be the focus without overpowering my outfit. 

Sunday morning coffee run outfits need to be comfy, but that doesn’t mean they have to look frumpy. Here I can still get away with a sweater and jogger combo if I make sure to pay attention to my fabrics and detailing. The faux leather fabric on the pant, as well as the bell sleeve with pearl detailing on the sweater, mask the fact that this outfit is so cozy it can go from running around the city to cuddling up on the couch with ease. 

Clothing from Frock Box 

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