Temples are such a rich part of asian religions so we decided to go check a couple out for ourselves. One of the bigger temples we visited is called Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin. It is a temple many people visit because its famed for answering all the  prayers it receives. Yesterday I chipped my tooth and exposed my nerve, you wouldn’t believe how much pain that causes, but I’m too scared to get emergency dental work done in Hong Kong. I figured I didn’t have anything to lose and always like to participate in the different cultures of the countries I visit, so we went to visit the temple and say a prayer on the off chance that somehow the temple will magically heal my tooth. I grabbed some incense and arrived at the red gates. Upon entering, it’s customary to rub the dragons belly who’s sitting perched at the entrance. The dragon is mounted about 5 feet off the ground and some of the Chinese ladies were so short that they couldn’t reach. It was hilarious to see them getting lifted up off the ground by the young men passing by just so they could rub the dragons belly. The grounds were beautiful and serene around the temple. We saw countless birds, turtles, flowers, and even a few waterfalls. It’s hard to be stressed about anything when you are in such a beautiful place such as this. 

After praying to the dragon gods, we stumbled upon a pharmacy that sold us some really good Advil. (Does that count as my prayers being answered?) I’m going to say yes because I like to believe in magic. In about 20 minutes my tooth pain went away and I was starting to feel like myself again! We still had a better part of the day so we decided to check out Victoria’s Peak. This is the highest park in all of Hong Kong and you can either hike up the mountain to get to the top or take a historic tram. (We opted for the tram because I had dressed cute for the day and that usually doesn’t entail wearing hiking shoes.) We arrived at the top right when the sun was setting and got the chance to see all the lights from the city slowly flickering on for the evening. It was the most beautiful thing I had seen on this trip so far. It was so peaceful up there and you could feel the humid breeze blowing across your face. You could gaze down at the bustling city below and feel its energy but still have the calmness of the mountain top surrounding you. Definitely something I would recommend doing if you ever find yourself in Hong Kong. 

I had such a great time exploring this beautiful city and I hope to come back again so soon! Would love to hear your experiences if you have ever been here, let me know in the comments! 

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