Summer is just around the corner here currently in Canada, and I couldn’t be more excited. This is absolutely my favourite season full of festivals, picnics, outdoor activities, and beach/lake days. I always like to start a new solstice with a specific goal that will help better me in the future. What I really want to take into this season is the importance of gratitude. No matter where you are in your life there’s always something to be thankful for. It really is way too easy to focus on the little things that annoy you, but next time try reframing your mindset to ignore the bad and focus instead on the good. It could be the smallest things that make you smile, like the smell of mayday flowers (pictured below) or that you have friends in your life who make you happy. Whatever the case, I have found that the more you focus on the positives, the more happiness comes into your life. 

I like to play a game with myself when I’m having a bad day. What I do is try and pick out all the beauty and the good in my day to day routine, no matter how small. If I’m out on a run in the mornings, instead of focusing on how tired or unmotivated I am, I’ll listen to the sounds of the birds chirping, or focus on the brightly coloured tulips growing in my neighbours garden. When I greet my friends and family, I  will savour the loving energy that comes along with their embrace and the fact that I get to enjoy their presence. Sometimes it even comes down to simply being happy that I’ve decided to cook my favourite meal for dinner. The fact is there will always be positives and negatives, but you get to decide which end of the spectrum you want to be on. You can choose what you want to pay attention to, and whatever you select, will grow, and show you more of itself day by day. This summer, especially with all the beauty blooming everywhere, agree to see the positives. I promise you it will be worth it! 

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  • Hi Sasha, it’s Scott (scotts86000) from Instagram. Just started checking out your blog, and I love it. It’s so positive and full of energy. Amazing job! Just wanted to say that………have a great day and keep up the great work, Sasha!

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