I jet off on a lot of last minute trips and usually I’m packing about an hour or two before my flight leaves. Lots of people ask me if this is stressful trying to pack on such short notice. It definitely used to be until I figured out a packing system, and today I’m going to share it with you in hopes it lessens your travel stress also!  

My packing system involves preplanning all my outfits (day and nighttime) and packing them together in individual packing cubes so once I’m at my destination I can just grab a cube and go. This does take more work and time initially, but it’s great for once you’ve arrived at your destination. I find when I do it this way, I’m spending my time out, and having fun, instead of inside, stressing about finding the perfect outfit to wear. 


A few days before I leave, I’ll check the weather of my destination and finalize any events we have been confirmed to attend. This way I can start outfit planning, and I’m not kidding when I say I’ll do it down to the last detail. (This includes any jewelry, shoes and even underwear!) Ladies, we all know that for those certain pants or dresses we need the nude seamless stuff sometimes. I know when I’m packing last minute these are the small details that always slip my mind if I don’t pre plan. 

Usually if I’m going away for the weekend I will pack six outfits. Three for the day and three for the evening. On top of this I’ll usually pack a plane outfit which usually doubles as a lounging outfit. The outfit planning is what usually takes up the majority of my time but once this is out of the way it gets so easy! I have a big table in my basement, so I usually fold all my outfits on it and lay out their corresponding jewelry, shoes, and anything else I’ll need for that outfit. Once that’s done I just put them in their little cubes and thats it. When I get to my destination its literally the easiest thing when you can pull out an individual cube and it has your entire look for the night inside. No more rummaging through your entire suitcase, ruining its order, and having your hotel room be a tornado of thrown around clothes. Packing cubes people. If you don’t have packing cubes you can alternatively use big ziploc bags, which is what I did for Burning Man. I knew my clothes would be covered in dust that doesn’t come out so I opted for this option instead. (Heads up if you are using ziplocs as your packing cubes. Please be mindful to use them over and over again as plastic isn’t environmentally friendly.)

Congrats for getting through the hard part!! It’s all smooth sailing from here. By this point my cubes are nestled into my suitcase neatly and I move onto my essentials list, which I’ll share below. I created this list in order of how I use things, or get ready and I keep it permanently in my phones notes and check them off as I go! Feel free to save this checklist for stress free packing on your next trip! If this helped lessen your packing stress I would love to know in the comments below. 

Happy travels! 

P.S. These photos were taken at the Mondrain Skybar in West Hollywood. My bikini is from Zaful and my shades are Dollger


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