My spontaneity got the better of me again and with a snap decision and a fourteen hour flight later, I woke up in Hong Kong! Jet lag is a real thing and I found myself roaming the very empty streets of central HK at 6 am, when normally I would be dead asleep. I guess most of the locals felt this way too because hardly anyone was out except for a handful of vendors who were setting up their markets. I would soon find out that only a few hours later, the same sleepy streets turned into complete zoos, so I’m glad I utilized the down time to take some cool shots of the area. Hollywood road and most of central Hong Kong actually is a really artsy district. Almost every wall on the streets is covered in some sort of beautiful graffiti. At peak times you can step back and see people of every race swarming amongst the colourful murals and buzzing market stalls trying to avoid getting hit by aggressive taxi drivers. 

Later on that afternoon, we wandered over to the district of Mong Kok. This is basically a market only area and you can find literally anything you could possibly want amongst it’s stalls. They are separated into categories such as pets, clothing, flooring, turtles, food etc. Maybe pets and food were the same thing I don’t really know here and after seeing other parts of mainland China nothing really surprises me about this place anymore. As tempting as it was to take home a baby turtle, I settled on some fruit instead. It was a perfect snack which really hit the spot in this 28 degree (and super humid) weather! 

After eating our fruit, we left the hustle and bustle of the markets and went back to our hotel to crack open some cold drinks on our rooftop. While Hong Kong may be sleepy during the morning, it really livens up at night! I’m off to rest up for the party that will inevitably happen later but stay tuned for more photos tomorrow! 

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