Recently I created a checklist of experiences I want to have before I turn 30. Going to Coachella was in the top tier of that list and I was lucky enough to be able to go this year and experience all the hype surrounding this amazing music festival. It made me over the moon happy to be able to go with some of my friends from New York which was a bonus in itself because a reunion was long over due at this point. We joined forces when we met up with my friends from LA who were also in Palm Springs for the same reason, and the party began to roll out. 

Day one was a blur and as soon as we stepped onto the Coachella grounds I could feel all the excitement and energy from everyone around us. One of my favourite things about the weekend (aside from the music of course) was all the incredible festival fashions! Girls and guys alike all dressed outside of the box in assortment of bright colours and wild accessories to match the funky art installations that littered the grounds. 

Some of my favourite performances were Rufus Du Sol and Gryffin but aside from Coachella there were also such amazing parties on the side that we had to split our time between them too. Some of my favourite were the Bootsy Bellows and Revolve parties which had pop up guests preforming such as Tyga, Snoop Dogg, and Rich the Kid. The Revolve Festival had a carnival swing ride, a merry go round and a hedge maze with Mo√ęt Imperial being served in the middle. My personal favourite was a Milk bar stand who was giving out ice cream. (Bonus for me because they don’t have a milk bar in my current city and I’ve been surviving without it solely on the memories of when I used to eat in in New York) 

All in all, as amazing as this whole weekend was, it wouldn’t have been anything without my amazing crew of friends who I went with. I feel so blessed to have gotten to meet such pure, wonderful, people and spend a FANTASTIC week with them. If this weekend taught me anything, it’s that you can never give or receive too much love. Keeping your heart open to change, and new experiences will almost always result in your heart growing and expanding to house these new people, emotions, and energy. My heart is so full from the experiences I had this week and I seriously cannot wait for my next trip with my bi-costal buddies!!! 


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