Last week there was a huge snowstorm that hit New York, they had labeled it the bomb cyclone. To me that just sounds way too intense for someone that cant stand the cold, so we pulled a fast one and escaped south to Miami!

 This was my first time ever coming to Miami and I can definitely say it left a great impression on me. From the gorgeous white sand beaches to the amazing food and culture Miami has, its safe to say I will be back here soon. We stayed at The Soho House, and with Cicconi’s as their house restaurant there wasn’t really much reason for us to venture out too far. 

Most of the time we were there it was spent eating and drinking with great company (seems like everyone from New York had the same idea as us) and we ended up running into lots of our friends from the city. 

A few too many bottles of rosé were consumed on the beach, and I finally got to try the truffle pizza I kept hearing about. (thank you Cecconi’s!) One of the days we even explored the museum of ice cream. (Yup, that’s a thing) and you can trust I got wayyyyy more excited about it than a full fledged adult should have, but hey what are you going to do? I’ve already accepted my obsession and I plan on living with it. 
Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a more chill trip. Weather it was sorbet on the beach for breakfast, tacos on the roof while watching the sunset, or great wine with even better company, Miami has certainly found a warm spot in my heart. 


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