Hey guys! Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Sasha Bilida and I was born In Edmonton, Canada. Currently I am living and working in Tokyo and some of my favourite activities are snowboarding, wakeboarding, hiking, and basically anything active that allows me to be outdoors. Anytime I’m outside in the sunshine is when I’m the happiest!

So by now you’ve probably already figured out that I am a model but I’ll give you a little more background info about how it all got started. When I was 13 I got scouted in a mall. Being that Canada isn’t exactly a fashion hub, to do any sort of serious work you need to travel and sometimes live abroad. My mom told me if this was something I wanted to pursue I would have to finish school first. Eventually I finished high school and after that went on to obtain my red seal in hairstyling. Throughout it all I was still modelling locally and one day I decided that I was old enough now to give it a real shot. A month later I left on my first contract and not long after I found myself working and traveling throughout Asia, Europe, and the US. 

Needless to say modelling is my passion, I love everything about it. My favourite part of it is obviously getting so much opportunity to travel, but I also LOVE fashion and have started to branch off into photography as well. I think it’s exciting how my job allows me to be constantly meeting new people who in some situations all come together as a team to create beautiful images! It’s one of my goals to use beauty to make the world a brighter, happier place. Another way I like to do that, aside from modelling, is by keeping our planet healthy and thriving. It makes me so sad to see our forests getting cut down, and all the ways we are polluting our oceans and clean air. Currently I’m trying to help counteract that by organizing city clean up days, being more conscious about not wasting natural resources, planting trees any chance I get, and overall respecting Mother Nature; because we would be nowhere without her. One day in the future it’s my dream to be able to do something on a bigger scale to make a huge positive impact on the planet! 

That being said, I am also pretty big into health and spirituality. It kind of all ties in with the healthy living. We aren’t just skin and bones we’re also made up of emotions and energy. Some people don’t realize that, and it plays a huge factor in everything we feel and do and our overall well-being! My job can take me away from everything familiar for sometimes months on end and I know without being grounded in something that’s bigger than me I would go crazy! This topic is something I’m always learning and growing in, so more than likely it will be what I mainly cover in my blog. 

In summary, I just want to say thank you so much to everyone that is following me on this journey. I hope to spread love and beauty throughout the world in as many ways as I can and I’m SO grateful for everyone that has stood by me and supported me along the way! I love you guys! 


Love, Sasha